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World Records Set By Dogs

World Records Set By Dogs

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The Amazing World Records Set By Dogs!

word image 12320 1 world records set by dogs

Past Tallest Dog, Gibson Meeting Past Smallest Dog, Boo Boo in 2007! (Courtesy:

World records do not only belong to humans! It’s no surprise that our dogs can also claim some

pretty amazing canine world records too!  Keep reading to meet just some of these amazing canines!

Canine Sports

Surfing: In 2011 in San Diego, Abbie Girl, an Australian Kelpie, surfed 351.7 feet in open water at the Ocean Beach Dog Beach! Popular, competitive dog surfing events prove that our canines are adventurous too!

word image 12320 2 world records set by dogs

Record holder Surfing Dog

Catching Balls: Next, meet Purin from Japan. This 9-year-old beagle caught 14 balls in her front paws in just a minute on March 22, 2015!

Balloon Popping: In the spring of 2017, Toby from Canada popped 100 balloons in just 28 seconds! Could you do that?

Tricks: Think your dog is an excellent trickster? Meet Smurf from the UK who snagged the record for performing a total of 32 tricks in just one minute including rolling over, bowing, walking on only his back paws and more!

Scooters: Kids and adults alike love scooters! But meet Norman the Scooter Dog in the US who clocked 30 meters in just 20.77 seconds!

word image 12320 3 world records set by dogs

Norman the Scooter Dog and World Record Holder!

But wait! Jumpy the Dog claimed his fame by skateboarding 100 meters in under 20 seconds in 2013 in Los Angeles!

Most Balls in the Mouth: Our next champion, Finley, must have been inspired by the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest. Finley is a Golden Retriever to smash the record for the most tennis balls in his mouth! In 2003, Augie gathered and held 6 regulation-sized tennis balls!

word image 12320 4 world records set by dogs

Finley, a Golden Retriever can hold the record amount of tennis balls in his mouth!

High Jumping: In 2017, Feather took the record for the highest dog jump at 75.5 inches in Maryland!

Canine Rescue

There are a variety of dog breeds known for their life-saving skills including Jack from Germany! In June 2013, Jack, a Newfoundland, retrieved a person from a German Lake in just 1 minute and 36.812 seconds over a 25-meter distance!

Click here other Guinness World Record Canine Holders!

Physical Attributes

Dogs come in all sizes and features like the record holders below.

Height: Zeus, a Great Dane measured 44 inches in 2013 to become the tallest dog ever! In contrast, meet the shortest dogs living on the Guinness World Records website!

word image 12320 5 world records set by dogs


Ears: In July 2020, a new K9 record holder emerged for the longest ears! Lou, a 3-year-old black and tan Coonhound in Oregon boasted ears that measure 13.38 inches each for a total of 26.77 inches! Lou is related to the previous record holder for the longest ears.

Tails: THE longest tail record was snagged by a Belgium dog named Keon, an Irish wolfhound. His tail measured in at whooping 30.2 inches long! Good-bye knick-knacks!

word image 12320 6 world records set by dogs


Tongues: Once you’ve seen this, you won’t be able to forget it! Meet Mochi, a gorgeous rescued St. Bernard, with an astonishing tongue that is 7.3 inches long!

The Oldest Dog

And finally, who’s the oldest dog on record? The Guinness World Record belongs to an Australian dog, Bluey, a cattle dog. Born in 1920, he herded cattle and sheep for over 20 years and was finally laid to rest in 1939 at 29 years and 5 months!

While not every dog will snag a World Record, what record could YOUR dog break?

word image 12320 7 world records set by dogs

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