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Why is Leashing Your Dog Important?

In 1908, Mary A. Delaney invented and patented the first dog “leash” as a “leading device” specifically “adapted for ladies.” Today, our dogs continue to be leashed with a variety of options and unique and fashionable looks!

Why is Leashing Your Dog Important?

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Why is Leashing Your Dog Important?

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Since the first dog “leash in 1908, it has become an irreplaceable tool for both humans and dogs.

But why is leashing your dog so important?

Ancient Rock Drawing Showing Hunter and Dogs

Dog Leash History

As far as 4400 BC, ancient art has depicted ancient dogs being restrained by leashes.

From Pompeii to Egypt and Rome (where women walked Italian greyhounds on leashes) to Greece and more, man has controlled their K9 companions with leashes.

In the Middle Ages (around the 11th century), leashes began to be used to deliberately “make dogs more aggressive.” Thankfully, this practice was outlawed in the 1660s.

In 1908, Mary A. Delaney invented and patented the first dog “leash” as a “leading device” specifically “adapted for ladies.” Today, our dogs continue to be leashed with a variety of options and unique and fashionable looks!

A Large Brown Leashed Dog Sitting on the Ground

Purposes Behind the Dog Leash

1. Safety

Two of the paramount reasons for dog leashes are safety and control. Primarily your dog’s safety, but also the safety of other nearby people and animals. A leash keeps you securely connected to your dog without having to grab a handful of skin to regain control (which probably wouldn’t work with a large to giant dog)!

Even well-trained dogs can commit a social faux pas when:
· Their prey instincts are suddenly triggered by another dog, pet or wildlife.

· They suddenly get frightened and try to run away.

· They meet another dog they don’t like, a dog who is aggressive or even one in heat.

· They decide to jump up on a stranger to introduce themselves, especially children and seniors.

· They decide to run into a busy street or people running or cycling creating chaos and potential injuries or worse!

· They find something (disgusting) on the ground and decide to try to eat it! That could also include potentially toxic plants!

· They try to wander off when you’re not looking!

· They do their business when you’re not looking to and can’t clean it up!

Person Training A Small White Dog on a Leash

2. Training

Keeping your dog leashed and close by also helps continue and reinforce good leash training skills! When your dog is not leashed, it’s easy for them to become the “in-the-moment” animals they are and suddenly and unpredictably react to what’s going on around them, whether the behavior is wanted or not. A secure leash can prevent that from happening.

3. Bonding

And finally, keeping your dog leashed is another way

of nurturing and reinforcing the bond between you and your dog.

4. It’s the Law!

What kind of leash should you use with your dog? Keep reading to find out!

Leash Your Dog. It’s the Law for a Number of Very Good Reasons.”

Black and White Dog with a Red Leash

Dog Leashes: The Different Types

Since 1908, the K9 leash has greatly evolved depending on dog breeds and potential purposes and activities.

· Standard: typical for everyday use and dog training.

· Retractable: the closest relative of the original “leading device” invented in 1908.

· Chain: popular for dogs who like to chew leashes with a looped handle at one end.

· Adjustable: combines the standard and retractable leash allowing adjustment with loops and clips.

· Slip Lead: a leash that can be used without attaching to a collar by using a simple slip knot.

· Martingale: While similar to a slip leash, this leash is designed for dogs with smaller heads including whippets

and greyhounds.


Most dog parents would love to believe their dogs are perfect with exemplary behavior!

But unless your dog is in a secure, fenced area, protect him, yourself, and others by keeping him leashed!

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