Bringing Baby Home

Special Training to help you during this very special transition for your family!
This training package includes:
1 pre baby private session
2 nights of boarding
1 post baby private session.
During our initial private session we will identify any challenges or concerns our new parents have; so that we can create a personalized training plan. We’ll discuss preparing your dog for the new arrival, and how to appropriately introduce your dog to the baby. We will also cover general safety and care practices for baby/dog interactions.
The 2 nights of boarding are an opportunity for our new parents to bring their baby home in to a stress free environment, and have a day or 2 to settle in. During that time we recommend dropping off linens with the new baby smell if possible.
Our post baby session will take place within 2 weeks of the baby coming home. During this time we can discuss any new concerns or questions that may have come up as well as following up on how the original training plan is progressing.
$300 – Almost $100 in savings!

Bringing Baby Home


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