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Puppy Starter Camp

Puppy Starter Camp

puppy camp

Bringing a puppy home is exciting and a TON of work, ESPECIALLY if you are a busy family. 

Our nationally certified trainers can help you lay the foundation to have a dog that’s easy to live with and has good manners.

Are you struggling with:

-Potty training
-Biting & excessive nipping
-Crying in the crate
-Chewing your things

Let us handle what can be the hardest part of puppyhood.

Puppy Camp is designed for puppies between 10 weeks and 20 weeks old.

Over the course of 3 weeks your puppy stays with us for 5 days during the week, then they return home to you so you can practice the skills we work on during camp and not lose that precious and very important bonding time.

During our 15 day camper program puppies learn and develop:

-How to HOLD it and develop a potty schedule
-How to potty on leash AND when you ask them to
-How to settle in their crate and be comfortable being alone
-Socialization skills with other puppies, adult dogs and people (they spend a lot of time with our family!)
-Feeding routine that lays a foundation for impulse control
-Nice play habits with toys that helps to eliminate biting and nipping and chewing your stuff up.  Play becomes exercise!

Puppy starter camp member Kodi

Want to add 2 more weeks for your camper?

puppy with toys at East Valley K9 Puppy Camp

We continue with everything above making the foundation even more solid for your puppy as well as:

-Continue to build impulse control
-Introduce basic obedience cues
-Start leash training to create a dog that walks nicely without pulling
-all the skills your puppy will need to become a great family member.

Once your puppy graduates from camp do an in-home training session so you are well equipped to continue building on the foundation of habits and routines we established at camp.  

We want you and your puppy to be super successful, happy and confident!

Pricing for Puppy Camp is $130.00 a day.

Give us a call to schedule this service 480-382-0144

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