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Therapy Dog Prep

For individuals
1 on 1 $400.00
In a group class $195.00
(we try to put groups together when we can)

For mental health professionals
1 on 1 $600.00
group class $195.00 (when a class is available)

This program is designed to help you and your dog…

to become a successful therapy team that is able to evaluate and register with the organization of your choice. The program consists of four private sessions that teach proper therapy work etiquette, legal and ethical requirements of a team, and develop effective visiting skills. You and your dog will develop an amazing bond and working relationship, you will learn to read your dog’s body language and how to advocate for your animal.

This is a very rewarding experience!

For individuals:
A 6 session course to prepare you to register with the therapy dog organization of your choice.

Organizations we recommend you look at:
National Alliance of Therapy Dogs
Pawsitive Friendships
Pet Partners

For mental health professionals:

A 6 session course to help you expand the benefits you can offer your clients with Animal Assisted Therapy.

How it works:

– Take a look at our orientation (link below) to see what is required to be a team

– Register for an in-person hands-on temperament assessment for your dog ($15.00 fee)

– Register for training sessions

Requirements for this program:

Must have solid obedience skills and no reactivity/aggressive behavior issues.

The dog should enjoy being with people and seek out interaction.

Please use the link below to watch our orientation slide show, and perspective letter.


Core Group Classes

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