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Canine Coaching

Would you like your dog to compete in canine sports but don’t really have the time to train and show yourself?

Canine Coaching with Wren!

She has a limited number of spots open for dogs that show potential to compete in the following venues:

AKC – Agility, Scent work, Rally

NADAC – Agility

NACSW – Nose work

Potential for your dog to earn Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog Titles as well.

Your dog will train with Wren and will travel with her and her pack of fantastic dog role models. Your dog will have the privilege of being part of her family while still remaining part of yours. A typical training schedule includes 1-2 days a week with Wren and the rest of the time you’re happier, better-adjusted canine is home with you.

Training for canine sports helps your dog gain greater confidence, increases obedience, and enriches their life with the mental stimulation that comes with learning new skills. You’ll have an outlet for excessive energy that includes increased self-control and focus leading to better manners at home.

Wren has had incredible success and earned many titles with her rescue dogs in scent, rally, agility, and flyball. She has been a canine coach to multiple other dogs — most recently with Barkley, a young Klein Poodle, who with no previous training, qualified in his first show a mere five months after starting to work with Wren. Barkley has had multiple qualifying rounds in agility and has had two perfect days in scent work, where he qualified in all elements shown. With light showing, he recently earned his first scent titles in novice interior and exterior.

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