Famous Dogs: Fame is Not Just for Humans!

Famous Dogs: Fame is Not Just for Humans!

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Rin Tin Tin, Lassie and Toto have been part of movie royalty.

Other canines have even changed history. But regardless, they all made life better!

So how well do YOU know the most famous dogs in history?

The Epitome of Undying Loyalty

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Hachiko is the very embodiment of why we love our dogs so dearly! Every day, Hachiko would meet his Japanese owner’s returning train. Every day at the exact same time, he would be waiting for his owner, until one day his human died and never returned. But Hachiko kept up his daily ritual for nine more years until he died.

Statue of the Faithful Hachiko, Japanese Akita

Hachiko was not the only faithful K9! Carlo Soriani was a brick worker in Florence, Italy. Every day, he returned home by bus to the canine he nursed back to health, Fido. Sadly, in December 1943, Soriani was killed when his factory was bombed. But Fido continued to come back to the bus station for the next 14 years until he finally died at that bus stop in 1958. He is buried next to Carlo in the local cemetery.

Bobbie demonstrated the strength and commitment our canine friends have for us. During a vacation in 1923, Bobbie, a Collie-Shepherd mix, became separated from his

family in Indiana. Searches were unsuccessful and the family had to return to their Oregon home. Amazingly, just 6 months later, and after traveling more than 2,500 miles, Bobbie returned home to his family!

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Lex was an active-duty military German Shepherd who refused to leave his human partner after a fatal rocket attack in Iraq.

For his service, Lex was granted early retirement and then served as a therapy dog. In 2008, Lex was awarded an honorary Purple Heart and the Award for Canine Excellence from the AKC. Lex died in 2012 at the age of 13.

Marine K9 Lex with Purple Heart

Hollywood K9 Royalty

Toto (real name Terry) was a 5-year-old female Cairn terrier who became famous after appearing in the 1939 classic, “The Wizard of Oz.” Abandoned as a puppy, she was adopted by German immigrant Carl Spitz, the unofficial dog trainer of Hollywood! Since the movie’s release, it is estimated over 30% small breed dogs were named Toto.

Benji was another canine movie star that quickly became part of pop culture! Benji also created a spree of adoptions because of his fame. It is estimated over 1 million dogs were adopted thanks to Benji, the mixed-breed mutt named Higgins!

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104 Famous Dogs that Made us Better”

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German Shepherd, Rin Tin Tin, became the first even dog movie star after being found on a French battlefield during WWI. His new American soldier human brought “Rinty” back to the United States and Rin Tin Tin got small roles in silent films until he got his first big break in 1929. From there, the acting canine starred in 27 more movies! He was also the unofficial K9 mascot of the Warner Bros. Studios. Some people believe Rin Tin Tin actually saved Warner Bros. from bankruptcy. Even his heirs continued to star in films and television.

1929 Photo of Rin Tin Tin

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K9 Hero at Ground Zero

An Overhead Shot of Ground Zero

Trakr, a search-and-rescue German Shepherd sniffer dog, located both trapped and dead people at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks. A trained sniffer dog with a Canadian K9 police unit, Trakr also led rescue workers to the last survivor at Ground Zero. Although Trakr died in 2009, his memory and heroism will live on through the 5 puppies cloned from Trakr’s DNA.

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Mythology Canine

Famous dogs have also cemented their place in ancient mythology! Meet Argos, the K9 companion of Odysseus. After raising Argos from a puppy, Odysseus went off to the Trojan War and did not return for over 20 years! While the family did not recognize Odysseus, faithful Argos did and greeted his owner with his last breath.

An 1800s Depiction of Odysseus and Argos

While not every dog will become famous and be remembered in history, most dog parents would agree that THEIR dog is THE best dog and will never be forgotten! Heres an idea, check out our post , maybe your dog can be famous!

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