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Puppy Starter Camp

We have a unique approach:

Puppies stay with us 5 days a week and go home for 2 days to maintain that precious bonding time AND enable an owner to practice.  Practice is much less frustrating because the kinks are being worked out at camp.
(Total of 15 days over 3 weeks)

This saves a busy family so much time and keeps everything on track.

– Your puppy gets on a routine that fits your life
– We eliminate the need to get up in the night (Teaching puppy how to ‘hold’ it) 

Our Puppy Camp Gives Your Puppy The Best Possible Start With:

– Eliminating Potty accidents
– Settling in the crate
– Not chewing your things
– Proper Biting & nipping
– Confidence, especially shy & timid pups

We can help you with the tedious and somewhat frustrating part of owning a new dog so you get to the good parts much quicker with your life-long companion

Our camp is designed for puppies between 8 weeks and 20 weeks.

Schedule Your Free Meet & Greet To Get Your Puppy started Today!

A  puppy without confidence grows up with all sorts of behavior problems!  

Exercise & Play

Play becomes exercise right from the start!
Makes exercising much easier.

Social skills

Campers meet many different people, dogs and other puppies.
A critical time for your puppy.

Affordable Rates

We offer our busy dog owners
a high-quality service at the best rate.

We enrolled our precious Harlow at just over 3 months in Puppy Camp. The training was sleepover camp during the week and she came home for the weekends so that we could practice what she had learned. She loved going back each Monday almost as much as she did coming home. Brandy and all of the trainers made her feel at home and loved. Each weekend we could see the progress she’d made during the week. The trainers made sure we were supplied with instruction on what to work on over the weekends and we got updates on her during the week as well.
She learned to like her kennel, eat when the food was put down while waiting until it was prepared and told it was OK. (impulse control).  She knows to potty outside when first taken out. She has learned the commands sit, stay, down, off, on, come.
She is now just barely 5 months old and still a baby; she has infrequent accidents and occasional behavior hiccups but WE are still learning and she is. Like any training and learning it is continuous. We still need to be diligent with ongoing training just as you would be with a child.
I HIGHLY recommend East Valley K9 Services LLC. You will not be disappointed.

Susan B. Via Google Reviews

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Princess puppy camp

We just love East Valley K9 services. We started out with boarding, where our border collie Princess fell in love with Brandy and her family. They have a great ability to help her calm her anxiety and enjoy herself while away from home. We have taken obedience classes and the Move on Classes with them. We are currently doing agility with them and we and Princess have so much fun. East Valley K9 is professional yet provides that extra touch of love and joy!

Laura S. Via Google Reviews

We can't WAIT to help you
with your puppy!