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Dog Friendly Day Trips

Dog Friendly Day Trips

Five Dog Friendly Day Trips in Arizona!

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Thankfully the temperatures have cooled down in Arizona and it’s the perfect time of year to go explore with your dog! In today’s blog, we talk about five Arizona day trips that are dog-friendly!

Travel Has Gone to the Dogs!

According to The Roanoke Times, “78% of American pet owners travel with their pets every year” and that number is only growing! Did you know that more women take their dogs on vacation than men (25% versus 14%)? Even better? The travel industry has become very pet-friendly in recent years.

Planning a Trip with Fido? is your go-to guide!

Dog-Friendly Travel: The Benefits

Of course, if you’re anything like me, it’s almost unthinkable to leave your dog behind when you travel! Taking Fido along also provides great peace of mind knowing your pet

is enjoying new experiences with you! Your pup can also offer a greater sense of security if you’re a woman traveling alone. In addition, it’s so easy to meet new people with your dog at your side!

Next, let’s look at five day trips you can take in Arizona with your furry best friend.

Dog-Friendly Travel: Hiking

word image 13765 2 dog friendly day trip If you are like 42.9% of pet owners, you love hiking with your dog! Let’s start with the Sedona Red Rock Adventures. You and your dog can explore the incredible red rocks with an experienced guide. All tours are private and geared for each unique group. You can also do backpacking or camping trips, visit local Indian ruins, tour local wineries and more!

Petrified Wood in a National Park

If you love ancient history, you’ll enjoy backpacking or hiking with your four-legged best friend at the Petrified Forest National Park! This hidden gem is less crowded than most National Parks and offers phenomenal views of the Painted Desert, petrified wood (225 million years old!) and even fossils. Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and explore to your heart’s content.

Dog-Friendly Travel: Vineyards

Just 30 minutes south of Tucson (in Vail) lies the small, family-owned Charron Vineyards and Winery. Both dogs (leashed) and horses are welcome! Enjoy stunning mountain views while sampling over 16 fine wines.

Dog-Friendly Travel: Historic Tombstone

You’ve probably heard of this famous mining town! Located in the San Pedro Valley, Tombstone sits at 4,540 feet. Take a walk back in the 1800s and explore this historic town, museums and even the Bird Cage Theater and The Crystal Palace (with alleged resident ghosts) with your dog. Hop on the stagecoach with Fido too!

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Street View of Tombstone Arizona

Dog-Friendly Travel: Ghosts, Mining and More!

Looking for a unique old-time adventure? The Goldfield Ghost Town, in Apache, Arizona (on the historic Apache Trail), is calling your name! Step back into the 1890s and experience what life was like way back then. Explore historic buildings and shops, witness a gunfight, mine for gold and tour the mine, all with your K9 at your side!

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Dog-Friendly Travel: Air & Space Enthusiast?

At one of the largest air and space museums (in the world!), you and your furry kid are welcome to take a walking tour of over 300 aircraft and spacecraft in Tucson, Arizona If you decide you want to ride the Pima Air & Space Museum’s Tram or dine in the restaurant, there is one large crate available for your dog with a pillow (first-come basis).

Learn about more dog-friendly trips in Arizona here and also here.

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