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Christmas gifts for dogs

Christmas gifts for dogs

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The Holiday Season is well underway and that means shopping for friends, family and our family dogs! Below are some great ideas for Christmas gifts for the dogs you know!

Christmas Gifts for Dogs!

Recently, revealed that 95% of pet owners buy their pets Christmas Gifts (and 65% admitted to buying pets gifts before their own family according to Chew!). But who are we to judge?!

Need some great gift ideas for Fido? How about some that also give back to those in need? Now that’s a win-win! Keep reading for some awesome K9 gift ideas that also pay it forward.

K9 Gifts: Treats

Let’s be honest, dogs can never have enough treats! Whether they are treats used for training or just a yummy treat after a walk or dinner, dog treats are a constant staple in every dog parent’s home! Let’s look at a couple of great options below.

Wagster Dog Treats

man holding pomeranian and treats
christmas gifts for your dog

Here’s a great organization to support this holiday season that supports their community in special, life-changing ways! Meet Wagster Dog Treats! Wagster is committed to helping people move out of homelessness through Homeward Bound of Marin. This award-winning non-profit helps homeless adults and low-income people gain valuable employment skills for a stable and secure future like Angel featured on the right.

In addition, the Wagster Treats only have healthy, natural and human-grade ingredients for the best gourmet dog treats! Ingredients you’ll recognize and no preservatives.

Angel is a member of the Wagster Treats Team. Photo Courtesy of Wagster Treats.

Dogs give Wagster Treats two paws up! You can buy these treats online here.


word image 13916 3 christmas gifts for dogsGivePet Premium Dog Treats

This Kansas company not only makes grain-free, healthy premium dog treats (made in the USA) but GivePet is also committed to donating treats to shelter dogs. In fact, for every bag sold, they donate enough treats for at least ten shelter dogs!

By purchasing dog treats for your favorite canine this Christmas (and beyond), you can help GivePet reach its lofty goal of providing treats to millions of shelter dogs!

The GivePet Premium Dog Treats. Photo Courtesy of

GivePet’s all-natural dog treats offer holiday-themed treats, everyday baked treats and various soft training treats. You can check out their online store and order today here.

K9 Gifts: Helping Other Dogs in Need


word image 13916 4 christmas gifts for dogs You’ve probably heard of this next company, but what you may not know is that they also give 10% of their profits to animal rescue organizations! These customized boxes are hailed as “Dog happiness, delivered monthly.” Right after treats, dog toys and chews are required necessities for the dogs who share our lives!

An Assortment of BarkBox Toys. Photo Courtesy of

You can start your monthly subscription at and feel good that you are also helping other K9s in need. Also, for a limited time, you can receive a free double first box!

Other Gifts that Help Dogs in Need


word image 13916 5 christmas gifts for dogs Do you enjoy camping with your dog? Then you will love this gift for you and your dog during your next camping adventure. The BarkerBag is a canine sleeping bag that zips to the human’s sleeping bag or even between two sleeping bags! The adjustable collar on the dog’s sleeping bag keeps them secure and by your side throughout the night. Sizes run small through large.

Courtesy of

Not only is it the perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast with a dog, but they also support Tail Waggers Rescue in Southern Oregon. This rescue organization provides support and supplies to local homeless dog parents. BarkerBag also provides their K9 sleeping bags to their dogs of homeless dog parents.

Gifts for Animal Lovers that Also Give Back!


word image 13916 6 christmas gifts for dogsJoin our New Speciality Training Class: Public Access Prep!

Courtesy: East Valley K9 Services

This class is for the training and preparation of Assistance Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals.

Meet or exceed the minimum training

Standards for training for public access or to provide animal-assisted therapy.

Class begins on Thursday, January 5, 2023.

Learn about our program here.



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