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East Valley K9 Services


About Us

About East Valley K9 Services

Training For Every Dog

All of our trainers maintain continuing education every year so we are always learning and staying up to date on the latest techniques based on scientific data driven results. 

Trainers conducting specialty classes actively participate in  and or compete in what they are teaching with their own dogs.  

We have the privilege of exclusively training and preparing the Paws & Peers teams for the largest school district in Arizona using our trademarked curriculum that is specialized for the education environment.  

Our mission is to create forever relationships!  The relationship you have with your dog & the relationship you have with us.  We are proud to offer our services in Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler and the entire East Valley.

East Valley k9 Services Team About Us

Our Qualifications

We are fully insured...

  • We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and background checked.  
  • Certified with the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) 
  • Canine Good Citizen Certified Evaluator   
  • Completed Dr. Ian Dunbar’s SIRIUS® Dog Trainer Academy   
  • Completed AZ Dog Smart Trainer Academy receiving certifications in:
    • ​Behavior Fundamentals       
    • The Art of Dog Handling  
    • Clicker Training  
    • Client Communications 
  • Pet CPR and first aid certified.  
  • Trained with and mentored by professional dog trainers in the area learning obedience techniques and other skills. 
  • Registered therapy dog team through Pet Partners.   
  • Registered with the National Alliance of Therapy Dogs.
  • Professional United Pet Sitters LLC, and Pet Sitters Associates.    
  • Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers  (APDT)
  • Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

Our Trainers

Brandy Girot, CPDT-KA

Play Video about Brandy East Valley K9 Services

Brandy is the owner and operator of EVK9 and has been a professional dog trainer working with dogs since 2014.  She has varied experience and has trained dogs for obedience, dog sports, therapy work & public access, but her passion lies in puppy training!   

She loves training puppies during the critical learning stage in order to ensure that they are well-mannered and adjusted for the rest of their lives.

Brandy also is an active therapy team  with her own dog working with local organizations and enjoys helping other teams prepare to go out into the community.

Aly Straw

Play Video about Aly East Valley K9 Services

Aly has been working with dogs since 2018.  She has varied experience and has worked with lots of shelter dogs and her expertise lies with behavior cases and dogs that are fearful.

She loves helping owners connect and build a relationship with their dog and help them to shape behavior and correct problems.

Wren Schaser

Play Video about Wren East Valley K9 Services

Wren has been training her own rescue dogs and helping friends with their dogs for twenty plus years.  During that span, she also raised and trained Thoroughbred horses.    

Wren has been an active competitor for the past six years with multiple dogs in the sports of agility, flyball, scent work and rally.  She trained and served with her therapy dog, Stratton.  Her dog Lissome is the current pre-elite champion at eight inches for her local NADAC club, Jumping Chollas.  

All her dogs have earned multiple, varied titles in dog sports.  Wren has a soft, patient approach to training and really enjoys helping people bring their dogs well past the basics.


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Group Classes

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Each trainer develops their own styles & methods.  
Training is most successful when an owner can relate to the methods that trainer offers.

We have several different trainers on staff so that means we have a varied set of skills to help any dog that walks through the door.

Something else we encourage people to do is to ask about any credentials a trainer has as well as insurance.

The dogs ALWAYS determines the time frame in training.  But, as a dog learns, its capacity to learn can be increased.

We recommend caution about trainers that guarantee a time frame to train a dog.

You can expect us to give you everything we’ve got to help you be successful when training your dog.   We go above and beyond with our time and resources for our clients.

There are so many variables that determine the outcome of the training process that it is impossible to guarantee any kind of specific result.  

We will say that you will get back whatever you give in dog training.

Cost varies by the type of services you want.  We strive to keep costs attainable for all owners, however proper training does require some investment.

The more work an owner can do on their own in the form of practicing and modifying habits, the less monetary investment.

The more work we have to do in regards to time with training sessions the more the monetary investment will be.

Yes we do work with reactivity & aggression.  We ask that you give us a call as each case is different and we can help you decide what the best first steps are.


Group classes are a great environment to solve many problems and socialize dogs when done right.  

Reactive or dogs demonstrating aggressive behaviors may need a consultation first.  Some of these types of behavior requires one on one work before coming to a class environment.

We welcome you to give us a call and we can chat about your dog and help you decide the appropriate steps.

Therapy dog training is super rewarding for both owner and dog, and friendly outgoing dogs that seek out attention from humans generally do well. 

We strive to help all owners attain this goal and take pride in being honest about the expectations of this program.

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