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5 Ways to Protect Your Dog from the Heat

5 Ways to Protect Your Dog from the Heat

5 Ways to Protect Your Dog from the Heat


Image by sevenpixx from Pixabay

Summer temperatures are here! Whether you live in a sun-burned desert

(like we do here in Arizona) or a milder climate, keeping your dog

safe during the summer heat is critical to his health and well-being!

C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\DogsKeepThemselvesCoolByPanting.jpg It does not take extreme hot temperatures to put your dog at risk! Even “mild” days can pose an immediate threat to your canine’s well-being. It’s important to realize that our dogs cannot sweat out (perspire) excess body heat like their humans. Contrary to popular belief, the limited sweat glands in a dog’s paw are not enough to adequately regulate their body temperature. Instead, dogs primarily keep themselves cool by open-mouthed and rapid panting and the dilatation (widening) of blood vessels which brings the hot blood to the skin’s surface allowing it to cool by releasing heat. (Which is why you should not submerge an overheated dog in cold water; the cold temperature will stop the dilatation of the blood vessels trapping any heat.)

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

The Top 2 Heat Dangers for Your Dog

CARS: Most dogs love car rides! But should you still let them come along when the mercury begins to rise?

Consider this; a mild 70-degree day can become 89 degrees inside your car in just 10 minutes! In 30 minutes? A blistering 104 degrees! (Open windows or parking in the shade do not help!)

Did you know that when your dog’s temperature reaches 106 degrees, both his body’s cells and organs begin to break down with potentially irreversible damage?



Click here to see corresponding Celsius temperatures

WALKING: When the air temperature is a mild 77 degrees, the asphalt you walk your dog on can actually be 125 degrees (causing burns in just 60 seconds!). Not sure if the sidewalk or pavement is too hot for your dog’s paws? Here’s a good test: place the back of your hand against the sidewalk/pavement for 11 seconds. THAT’s what it feels like to your dog’s paws!



Booties can help protect your dog’s paws from getting burned!

Click here to learn about the best (and worst) ones!

The Signs of K9 Heat Distress

According to, symptoms that your dog is overheating include:

  • Excessive panting & difficulty breathing
  • Gums/tongue that is blue or bright red
  • Increased heart and respiratory rate
  • Glazed eyes
  • Fever
  • Lethargy
  • Bloody diarrhea or vomit
  • Mild weakness, lack of coordination, seizures or even collapse

C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\pekinese-2681535_960_720.jpgOffer Extra Protection for These Pets!

  • Pugs, Shih-Tzus, Pekingese, Boxers, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Persian Cats (due to their flat faces and short noses which inhibit effective panting to cool off)
  • Senior pets
  • Overweight pets
  • Pets challenged with heart or lung diseases

Image by michel kwan from Pixabay

5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Dog in the Heat

Below are 5 easy tips for protecting your dog from overheating this summer

  1. C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\stay-cool-3124315_1280.png Restrict all exercise to the cooler hours (in the early morning and late evening when the heat index and humidity is lower); nothing above 75-80 degrees. Always carry plenty of water.
  2. Walk your dog only on grass or dirt, not the sidewalk or asphalt pavement.
  3. Have your dog wear booties to protect sensitive paws and pads.
  4. Ensure there is always plenty of fresh, cool water for your dog throughout the day to avoid dangerous dehydration.

Image by A3DigitalStudio from Pixabay

  1. Leave your dog at home in the cool air conditioning. (Fans are often not enough for a dog to effectively keep themselves cool.)

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