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East Valley K9 Services

Dog Training Services for the Chandler and Phoenix Arizona areas


Services for ALL Your Dog's Needs!

East Valley K9 Services takes pride in helping every owner and dog we meet.  We can help you…

– Raise a confident puppy and prevent problems.
– Acclimate a new dog to your home.
– Deal with and modify your dogs behavior issues.
– Do more with challenging activities, there is tons to do with our dogs in Arizona.
– Introduce you to dog sports.
– Therapy Dog Training for Schools
– Become a therapy dog team to serve your community.
– Train your own service dog.
– Looking for outstanding boarding and daycare?

Check out our wide selection of services!  

What We Can Do For You!

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East Valley K9 Group Puppy Training Class

Happy, Confident Well- Mannered Dogs.

A confident dog starts with a confident owner.
East Valley K9 Services strives to help you understand the why’s and the how’s. 
This educational aspect of training is so important to creating a harmonious home life between owners and their dogs by being strong, confident handlers. 

Every family is different and all dogs have their own personalities and learn at their own pace.  We use positive reinforcement and play-based learning techniques combined with a situational awareness approach.  Dogs need the distractions to train their responses to them.


Our mission is to create forever relationships! The relationship you have with your dog and the relationship you have with us.

We also help clients with dogs that have already developed negative behavior such as aggression, lunging and pulling on leash, and resource guarding.

We are excited to offer our clients daycare, boarding and board-to-train services for all your needs!

We offer our services in Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler and the entire East Valley.

East Valley K9 Secret...

“If you would understand this secret, you must first understand the distinction between training an animal and educating one. Trained animals are relatively easy to turn out. All that is required is a book of instructions, a certain amount of bluff and bluster, something to use for threatening and punishment purposes, and of course the animal. Educating an animal, on the other hand, demands keen intelligence, integrity, imagination, and the gentle touch, mentally, vocally, and physically.”

J. Allen Boone, Kinship with All Life (New York; Harper and Row, 1954), p. 4

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East Valley K9 Services

East Valley K9 Services Group Dog Training Class

Group Dog Training Classes

Our variety of dog training classes lets you challenge your dog while also building your confidence and enhancing your handing skills with the distractions and training needed to improve your dog handling skills outside your home.

obedience training

Private Dog Training

Strong leadership and handling begins at home! Our one-on-one K9 training sessions can cover a variety of things from a puppy crash course to solving and/or modifying behavior issues.

agility training

Specialty Dog Training

Enrich your dog's life and skills and improve their overall performance just for fun or for competition! From agility to scent work, build you and your dog's confidence to new levels!

east valley k9 boarding

Boarding/Daycare for Dogs

Our homestyle dog boarding and daycare in our trainer's home offers a different - and better - environment than a traditional kennel.

East Valley K9 Services Puppy Training Classes

The East Valley K9 Dog Training Club

A frequent question we get from our clients as they go through our classes is “what’s next?”  
We created this program as the answer to that question!  The K9 Club gives you:

  • Access to our trainers on a more personal level.
  • A community amongst our clients to train and have fun with our dogs.
  • Achieve goals outside of class.
  • Challenge your dog with new things.
  • Sharpen skills.
  • Drain energy and stimulate your dogs mind.

Group Training Classes

Our classes are designed to be different!  Although we have a standard lesson plan, we have baked in the ability to cater to each dog in the class.  

We want you to have a unique experience and feel like the class you take actually addresses your individual needs while still learning as a group.

What Our Clients Say...

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